Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Thurs PM: cleaned out and said goodbye to my car. This sucks.,

Friday 445a-leave house for hospital
Friday 7:15a-have surgery to repair broken hand
Friday 10a-leave hospital and realize that grits and unsweet tea may be the best breakfast ever
Friday 1130a-get home, go to sleep.
Fri 230p-wake up, realize mt thrat is sore as heck, eat honey stick, drink tea.
Fri 245p-further irritate mt throat by talking to parent.
Fri 3:15pm-back to sleep
Fri 7pm-Beth brings steak-out, kniting, and company.
Total painpills: 3

Saturday: wake up screaming in pain, go back to sleep. Watch some TV. Go to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. Buy halloween candy. Have milkshake. Bad idea. We got one trick-or-treater, who was crying. Either she was tired or our noisy dogs scared her. Someone needs to invent a doorbell that dogs cannot hear. Hand/wrist still hurt. Throat still sore, mostly from yelling at kitten to get off kitchen counter
Total painpills: 1. Might have another before bed.

Tomorrow: May or may not go to moms, depends on if I feel like being in cars for 2+ hours, not to mention Mom doesn't like it if we take a nap, no matter how rotten we feel.

Bummer: not working on my computer. It's a great website full of craft fail.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Week of 10/26

This wee:

1. Deal with totalled car Wed-Thur
2. Surgery to repair carwrecked hand-Fri
3. Be still-Sat
4. Be still, and know that she is just being Mom-Sun

Music: Abba, and Books-on-Tape: Da Vinci Code

Bonus Feature: My Kitteh

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm back! Yes, really, I am going to try this again.

Ok, this is going to be one heckuva week, so here goes.

Mon: work, secret shop, gym, knitting, show off vacation yarn, pick out yarn for Tuesday
Tue: work, pick-up food, proceed to WoolWars 1, a high stakes poker game involving lots of yarn.
Wed: work, gym, home to frantically make stuff for Saturday, watch Glee
Thur: work, gym, Beth, frantically make more stuff for Saturday (subject to change), watch Project Runway
Fri: work, gym, UAH Hockey Game
Sat: with Jim at OutLoud! about carrying my artwork, have lunch with Katie, go to Murfreesboro Fiber Festival.
Sun: Mom, volleyball, mom

Music list for the week: It's going to be a loooonnngggg week, so there will be git-r-done music in the form of Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks, Chicago Soundtrack, Man of La Mancha Original Broadway Recording...let's face it, this week will require epic scores and lots of showtunes.

Bonus feature:

Must-See Movie: Sordid Lives