Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15, 2009

Ok, so it's been an eventful week.

Monday- Work, Gym, Chick-fil-a, and knitting, which involved a gift of lovely yarn from The Barista.

Tuesday- Harry Potter Movie Premiere Party. No, I did not go see the movie, preferring instead to be conscious at work today. I did, however, don my Slytherin student costume and head out to the party with Beth. While at the party, I met one Madam Pomfrey, one Arthur Weasley, one Luna Lovegood, one Rita Skeeter, two Tonks, one Sirius Black (in full dog suit), one Dobby, six Deatheaters (remarkably well-behaved teenaged boys), assorted students and Weasleys, one Madam Hooch, one Professor Sprout, one Molly Weasley, several Bellatix (Bellatrices?), and a couple of local radio station personalities who are either dumber than dirt or very good actors. Cool to see all the costumes, but one sad moment when I realized I have utterly lost my abililty to playfully interact with strangers. I used to be a Renaissance Faire performer. All the people skills I acquired then have apparently gone out the window. Now, I wasn't terribly disappointed about not staying for the movie, since I have not liked any of them, but the fact that I did so to be a responsible adult is slightly painful.

Tonight I start packing for my trip, and next week's agenda will be well-packed with vacation and Comic-con goings-on.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11, 2009

Returned home from hospital last night, nice to be in my own bed. While there, finished a scarf that is beyond lovely.

So, today, got out into the world and did stuff.

1. Went to Little Barn to work on weaving and hang out with friends. Finished Auburn scarf, started Black and Gray Long Stripes, a "manly" sort of scarf.
2. Lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant.
3. Library to return DVDs and show them hospital paperwork to avoid late fees. Slipped and said I lived in the next county.
4. Paid $15 fee to become and out-of-county library user.
5. Came home, played with kitten, listened to race, painted ATC backgrounds and finished "Fairy Cards".
6. Started planning what I am taking to California with me.

Today's Bonus Feature:
Twilight Movie Synopsis

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9, 2009

Today's Agenda and Yesterday's recap:

July 8, 2009
Watched: ER, Home Improvement, L&O, In % Out, Birdcage, Major League.
Forgot to watch: Wipeout and I Survived a Japanese Gameshow

Read: finished Fatally Flakey, did not start on another book because I was

Knitting: two projects partially completed, one I really wanted to do, one that was just a time killer.

Slept: not so much. Dr. put me on sleep deprivation. Thank goodness for all of the above amusements, plus company.

July 9, 2009
Watching: The Price is Right, Home Improvement, Movie(s) not too sure which yet.

Reading: The Last Report of a Miracle at Little No Horse OR Wheel of Darkness

Knitting: Yesterday's projects - goal to complete one

Exercise: Time on an exercise bike

Sleep: somewhat more than yesterday.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday July 7

Today's Agenda

Note - I am in hospital for 3-5 days for diagnostic stuff, nothing serious. So, this week's agenda will primarily deal with media consumption, knitting projects, and me trying not to go crazy.

Planned for today:
TV - anything NOT Michael Jackson. Or religious. Or Fox News. Or talk shows. Or court shows. Or the Hospital Baby idea what it is, but I REALLY don't want to find out. ER, Home Improvement (LOVE IT), Price is Right, Disney, these are OK. Law and Order, CSI if I am lucky. More for background noise than anything.

Books: Fatally Flaky, the latest mystery by Diana Mott Davidson.

Movie: The Sign of the Beaver (adaptation of children's book that has nothing to do with Leave It to Beaver or bad porn), Kinsey (which does have to do with sex, although in an intellectual way)

Bonus Feature:

Tuesday, July 7 - weekend recap

Saturday - did a whole lot of nothing, watched some fireworks, listened to the race (yes, Nascar), made cards, baked cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting.

Sunday - Mom. No Walmart, no shopping, so we got done way early. Chocolate sauce experiment was seriously made of fail, but it turned into a DIVINE chocolate cranberry cheesecake.

Monday - mostly uneventful, except for the weird guy at knitting. He wasn't knitting, just hanging out in the cafe handing out tracts. Took him a while to get up the nerve to bother our table. Packed for the week's "adventure".

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday July 3

Ok, so the agenda for today got slightly altered, and resulted in me, well, going fishing. Yeah. Recap...

Ok, so any day that starts with hot cocoa for breakfast (provided you don't have to go to work) is gonna be a good day. So I got home, whipped up some sundried tomato dip, helped Jaspher pack up the big-ass pan of baked beans, and off we went to the Redneck Birthday BBQ, featuring fishing, grilling, a slip & slide, and a trampoline. And goats.Now, I've never quite understood the fishing thing. The whole sit-and-wait thing, hours of doing nothing, yeah, not really my thing. And then today I tried it (note-at no point did I touch a fish, because that is just ick). Bamboo cane pole, fishing line, and cheap hot dog bait. Caught four fish in 30 minutes, including one poor little guy who had to have the hook...well, let's just say he is fine. Could have stayed out there all day, just waiting for just one more....thankfully for my easily sunburned skin, everyone decided to pack it up and go to the grill. Because really, fishing falls under the heading of "know when to say when". I can see how it could be veerrryyy addictive. And we have an open invite to go anytime. At least Jaspher does not have to worry about me sneaking off to go fishing, because that would require me to handle the fish and EEEWWWW!
So after fishing, we went back to the house, and got introduced to the four-legged bush hawgs, aka four goats hired to clear out some pasture. Goat Wrangler was not thrilled with Little White Goat, which was sitting in the shade, and it was promptly ordered to stop resting and start eating. Oh, and we nibbled on wild blackberries, which were somewhat flat tasting, but it was still cool.
Good food, nice people, and a herd of children, including a four-year-old streaker and a 1.5 year old who refused to keep his shoe on (he kept one shoe on, anyway) and was toting cheetos in his bib overall pocket. Because really, it's not summer unless the kids are covered with scrapes, scratches, and cheese doodle.