Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Thurs PM: cleaned out and said goodbye to my car. This sucks.,

Friday 445a-leave house for hospital
Friday 7:15a-have surgery to repair broken hand
Friday 10a-leave hospital and realize that grits and unsweet tea may be the best breakfast ever
Friday 1130a-get home, go to sleep.
Fri 230p-wake up, realize mt thrat is sore as heck, eat honey stick, drink tea.
Fri 245p-further irritate mt throat by talking to parent.
Fri 3:15pm-back to sleep
Fri 7pm-Beth brings steak-out, kniting, and company.
Total painpills: 3

Saturday: wake up screaming in pain, go back to sleep. Watch some TV. Go to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. Buy halloween candy. Have milkshake. Bad idea. We got one trick-or-treater, who was crying. Either she was tired or our noisy dogs scared her. Someone needs to invent a doorbell that dogs cannot hear. Hand/wrist still hurt. Throat still sore, mostly from yelling at kitten to get off kitchen counter
Total painpills: 1. Might have another before bed.

Tomorrow: May or may not go to moms, depends on if I feel like being in cars for 2+ hours, not to mention Mom doesn't like it if we take a nap, no matter how rotten we feel.

Bummer: not working on my computer. It's a great website full of craft fail.

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