Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ok, yeah, so it's been a while

More or less mundane week, so let's just fast forward to the weekend-in-review:

After dinner and ice cream, go home and play with paint (water color and acrylic), and create mini-art-pieces that I don't hate.

1. Go into town to hand out fliers for our missing office cat.
2. Eat barbeque.
3. Go to craft store and spend 30 minutes trying to find the EXACT right yarn for a project.
4. Succeed at finding yarn.
5. Get home, hold breath and try it works...sign in relief

Sunday, aka MOM day:
1. Lunch at Shoney's, like Denny's with a buffet, but tastes good all day, not just in the wee hours of the morning after a night of hard clubbing.
2. 50th Anniversary Party for friend of Mom's....

Ok, so this one warrants some explanation, by the numbers:
# of men in dress overalls: 1, with neatly pressed blue and white button down under it.
# of men who did not admit to being gay but had a male roommate for 25 years and are considered the "other son" by the anniversary honorant: 1
#of little kids with southern accents: 5...and really, there is nothing cuter than a little kid with a heavy, like from-the-middle-of nowhere-alabama southern accent.
#of strikingly beautiful women taking pictures: 1
# of decadent desserts: 5 + cake
#of stains on my neatly pressed beige cargo shorts from eating chocolate covered strawberries: 8
# of small children capable of eating chocolate covered strawberries without covering their sunday clothes in them: 5

...and because this was a Good Southern Party catered by the "not gay" Southen man, there were nuts and mints. These were missing at a recently attended baby shower, and I'm sure we were not the only people scandalized by the omission.

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