Sunday, June 28, 2009

This Week's Agenda

Because I will likely not have time for daily updates (Dear Coworker, please get well soon and come back...please...), we're going for the week-to-come:

Monday: Work, Post Office to mail a box from my partner to his Platonic Dear Hubby, Gym, Knitting (where I will unweave the project on my loom and start over, because one should not weave on sleep-deprivation and a low-leel sleeping pill), work on Altered Book Project

Tuesday: Work, Bank, Phone Call Secret Shops, Gym, home to cook dinner and finish Altered Book Project

Wednesday: Work, Walk, Gym, knitting (weaving) at Starbucks with one-or-more friends, try to finish orange patterned scarf.

Thursday: Work (and theoretically get off early), Gym, Kill Time, Beth

Friday: Leave Beth's, come home and work on ATCs and weaving until my eyes cross.

Saturday: Putter around the house, cook indoor BBQ (chicken with homemade BBQ sauce, banana puddin', beans, chips), sit out on back deck and watch fireworks to the east, north, and west without having to deal with drunk people, stupid drivers, or teenagers who think it is funny to shoot off bottle rockets and roman each other.

Sunday...everyone say it with me...MOM!

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