Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well, since I have been lax-to say the least-in posting, I give you an update, and will attempt to be more consistent in the future, since I really do use this to keep track of my life.

Rewind-June 8-tasted Bacon Chocolate from a snooty chocolatier. Yeah, I'd not recommend it. Just didn't work, which I guess is proof that not everything is better with bacon.
June 10 - BOOKED MY TICKET TO COMIC-CON! WOOHOO! 10 days in San Diego!
June 11 - nothing of note
June 12 - Party at my partner's bosses house. Brought spinach dip and veggie skewers. Was most surprised that no one got drunk, although they were sipping on "Sweet Tea Vodka" (this is a real product-I swear I am not making it up), which smelled like cough syrup, and not the kid-friendly sort. Great cards, also not of the kid-friendly sort.
June 13 - World Wide Knit in Public Day Finished 1.5 scarves. Spent the morning at Barnes & Noble knitting, chatting, being stared at, and dodging the news crew that came to film it. This is a huge international event where people, well, get together to knit in public. The only unfortunate side effect (for some locals) may be that they'll come to our Monday Night Group, and discover that we are not their gramma's knitters, and that we are a bunch of potty-mouths. Spent the afternoon at local mall for gathering #2, which was poorly attended but fun nonetheless. Spent the evening at home warping the loom and test driving yarns on it, only to discover that I have hundreds of balls and skeins of yarn and NOTHING that works for this project.
June 14 - Mom day, finished remaining .5 scarf, listened to and watched race. Oh, and found several bottles of my favorite shower gel at TJ Maxx, and cleaned them out of it.
June 15 - back to work, back to the gym, back to knitting and having an angel named Amanda come up with yarn (I hope!) for the new project, ordered dad's father's day gift.
June 16 - work, gym, clean TJ Maxx #2 out of aforementioned shower gel, got father's day cards, made dinner, worked on Sun-themed ATCs that I HAVE to mail out tomorrow.

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