Saturday, May 9, 2009

About that wildlife...

Ok, so last night Jaspher's gay agenda read as such:

1. Mow the lawn jungle
2. Go to sleep

#1 started out fine. I got home and he was moving the lawn. I believe he was on his second lap, as the recent rains had turned the back yard into a thigh high mess that the dogs were getting lost in. Lap 1, no issues. Midway through Lap 2, the mower stops, and he hollers for me that there is something alive in the yard. I meet him on the back deck, and he says, "I need a stick to poke it with." This is a direct quote, mind you. And I concurred. We picked up a piece of leftover trim from the kitchen cabinets and crept up to the area he had already mowed over..twice. Sure enough, the ground was undulating under a pile of grass, surrounded by gray fluff. We gingerly moved the grass aside (only after a few rounds of "What the h--- is THAT?"), and there were five lively squirming THINGS...all we could see were noses and ears. Now, it was dusk mind you, and the THINGS were dark, and two has white blazes on their foreheads. We covered them back up and went inside. Now me, having smelled skunk last week, used to Google to look up baby wildlife...and these looked just like baby skunks. And once again the Internets helped me figure out who to call,

Fast forward to this morning. 7:56A, the Wildlife Rescue woman calls me back. I throw on some clothes, go out in the yard with The Stick, and check on the still wriggling, now larger and definitely brown babies. They had their first photo shoot, and the pics went to Wildlife Lady, who confirmed that they were bunnies and not skunks (THANK GOODNESS). Thanks to a jury-rigger shelter, they did not drown in today's downpour, and were lively and trying to figure out what the heck was going on when I checked on them tonight. I'll take more pictures tomorrow.

Now, you know you live in the country when an unmowed backyard does not mean just your run-of-the-mill mice and spiders and snakes. It also means that the local wildlife thinks you are running a B&B, and when you least expect it, the lawn starts moving and out pop bunnies.

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