Saturday, May 2, 2009

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Re: Nights 5/1 and 5/2, aka Juxtaposition

Friday night: Went to a free showing of the Tromarific film "Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town", yet another fine offering from our friends at Troma Pictures (rated R). It featured women on bikes, radioactive battery-operated zombies, a dwarf, blind orphans, a nurse, a hearse, a bullwhip, two bar brawls, one chick fight, and a bunch of zombies who just wanted to go "hooooooooooooommmme" who, upon getting there, went back to their old habits (smoking their pipes, watching TV) when they were eating people. Oh, and the cast included Billy Bob Thornton and Hal Sparks. And once again, the town was saved because someone realized that you have to...wait for it...AIM FOR THE HEAD. Zombie fighting weapons included: baseball bat, acetylene torch, boom box on a strap, pistols, revolvers, and a staple gun. Screening was at local arts collective, in a theatre furnished with castoff chairs and sofas and random strips of fabric pretending to be curtains.

Saturday night: Went to the play "Happy Days" on passes from work. This frothy, cheesy musical was indeed based on the TV show. Rated G. Performance was in our local concert hall, with padded numbered seats, ushers, programs, and people in ties.It was surprisingly good, with singers who could actually sing and dance. And yes, The Fonz was there, complete with a comb, his "office", and the ubiqutous "Aaaaayyyy". And yes, they referenced how he just hadn't seemed as cool since he jumped the shark. And yes, there was the obligatory cheezy dream sequence in which The Fonz was visited by Elvis, James Dean, and a gospel choir made up of cast members in ivory choir robes and aviator sunglasses. Everything came out fine in the end, except perhaps Chachi, who had to spend several minutes on stage in a Leopard print jacket and hat with ears.

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