Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Extra post, because it's my blog and I can

Note from the weekend:

1. Photo albums left in plain sight are fair game.
2. 80's clothes and hair are still funny 25 years later.
3. No one looks good in a hat with ear flaps.
4. 80 is the new 21.
5. If you label your party cup THIS IS NOT BEER, you are guaranteed that no one will touch it.
6. Yard work = sick. Sick = meds. Meds = high. Therefore, yard work gets you high.
7. Rain and Nascar do not mix.
8. If you are a mediocre driver in any sort of racing event, pray for rain.
9. Hot chocolate heals all woes.
10. American Dad is not as funny as Family Guy. Or The Simpsons.
11. Those cloud that look like they are way south of you will flood your room in no time flat.
12. Mothers who volunteer to make 50 sewn stuffed kangaroos for their church's Vacation Bible School deserve a medal. Or a sanity check.

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