Friday, May 22, 2009

Extra post, because it's my blog and I can

Rewind to Saturday, May 16

Sugarland Concert, by the numbers:

Hours of rain: 4+
# of muddy, rain soaked fields: 1
# of guys in camo with beer guts singing and dancing along to the music: 1 visible
# of guys singing between spitting their chaw: 1 visible
# of women in white pants on muddy, rain soaked fields: many
# of women who will never get those pants white again: many
# of shoes sucked off in inches-deep mud: dozens
# of acts: 3 (Matt Nathanson, Billy Currington, Sugarland
# of amazingly talented cute beautiful charming blonde singers names Jennifer: 1
# of renditions of REM's Night Swimming that should make Michael Stipe bow before Jennifer: 1
# of K9 cops laughing at the mud-covered chaos: 1

PS: Number of macho hunter good ol' boys who learned to knit: 1

Quote of the post:
"Baby, I am so attracted to you right now..." ~Wife of Aforementioned Macho Knitting Man

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