Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday July 3

Ok, so the agenda for today got slightly altered, and resulted in me, well, going fishing. Yeah. Recap...

Ok, so any day that starts with hot cocoa for breakfast (provided you don't have to go to work) is gonna be a good day. So I got home, whipped up some sundried tomato dip, helped Jaspher pack up the big-ass pan of baked beans, and off we went to the Redneck Birthday BBQ, featuring fishing, grilling, a slip & slide, and a trampoline. And goats.Now, I've never quite understood the fishing thing. The whole sit-and-wait thing, hours of doing nothing, yeah, not really my thing. And then today I tried it (note-at no point did I touch a fish, because that is just ick). Bamboo cane pole, fishing line, and cheap hot dog bait. Caught four fish in 30 minutes, including one poor little guy who had to have the hook...well, let's just say he is fine. Could have stayed out there all day, just waiting for just one more....thankfully for my easily sunburned skin, everyone decided to pack it up and go to the grill. Because really, fishing falls under the heading of "know when to say when". I can see how it could be veerrryyy addictive. And we have an open invite to go anytime. At least Jaspher does not have to worry about me sneaking off to go fishing, because that would require me to handle the fish and EEEWWWW!
So after fishing, we went back to the house, and got introduced to the four-legged bush hawgs, aka four goats hired to clear out some pasture. Goat Wrangler was not thrilled with Little White Goat, which was sitting in the shade, and it was promptly ordered to stop resting and start eating. Oh, and we nibbled on wild blackberries, which were somewhat flat tasting, but it was still cool.
Good food, nice people, and a herd of children, including a four-year-old streaker and a 1.5 year old who refused to keep his shoe on (he kept one shoe on, anyway) and was toting cheetos in his bib overall pocket. Because really, it's not summer unless the kids are covered with scrapes, scratches, and cheese doodle.

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