Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11, 2009

Returned home from hospital last night, nice to be in my own bed. While there, finished a scarf that is beyond lovely.

So, today, got out into the world and did stuff.

1. Went to Little Barn to work on weaving and hang out with friends. Finished Auburn scarf, started Black and Gray Long Stripes, a "manly" sort of scarf.
2. Lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant.
3. Library to return DVDs and show them hospital paperwork to avoid late fees. Slipped and said I lived in the next county.
4. Paid $15 fee to become and out-of-county library user.
5. Came home, played with kitten, listened to race, painted ATC backgrounds and finished "Fairy Cards".
6. Started planning what I am taking to California with me.

Today's Bonus Feature:
Twilight Movie Synopsis

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