Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday July 7

Today's Agenda

Note - I am in hospital for 3-5 days for diagnostic stuff, nothing serious. So, this week's agenda will primarily deal with media consumption, knitting projects, and me trying not to go crazy.

Planned for today:
TV - anything NOT Michael Jackson. Or religious. Or Fox News. Or talk shows. Or court shows. Or the Hospital Baby Channel...no idea what it is, but I REALLY don't want to find out. ER, Home Improvement (LOVE IT), Price is Right, Disney, these are OK. Law and Order, CSI if I am lucky. More for background noise than anything.

Books: Fatally Flaky, the latest mystery by Diana Mott Davidson.

Movie: The Sign of the Beaver (adaptation of children's book that has nothing to do with Leave It to Beaver or bad porn), Kinsey (which does have to do with sex, although in an intellectual way)

Bonus Feature:

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