Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15, 2009

Ok, so it's been an eventful week.

Monday- Work, Gym, Chick-fil-a, and knitting, which involved a gift of lovely yarn from The Barista.

Tuesday- Harry Potter Movie Premiere Party. No, I did not go see the movie, preferring instead to be conscious at work today. I did, however, don my Slytherin student costume and head out to the party with Beth. While at the party, I met one Madam Pomfrey, one Arthur Weasley, one Luna Lovegood, one Rita Skeeter, two Tonks, one Sirius Black (in full dog suit), one Dobby, six Deatheaters (remarkably well-behaved teenaged boys), assorted students and Weasleys, one Madam Hooch, one Professor Sprout, one Molly Weasley, several Bellatix (Bellatrices?), and a couple of local radio station personalities who are either dumber than dirt or very good actors. Cool to see all the costumes, but one sad moment when I realized I have utterly lost my abililty to playfully interact with strangers. I used to be a Renaissance Faire performer. All the people skills I acquired then have apparently gone out the window. Now, I wasn't terribly disappointed about not staying for the movie, since I have not liked any of them, but the fact that I did so to be a responsible adult is slightly painful.

Tonight I start packing for my trip, and next week's agenda will be well-packed with vacation and Comic-con goings-on.

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